Admissions Open 2018-19 : Bachelor of Computer Application(BCA), Bachelor of Business Administration(BBA) and Bachelor in Education (B.Ed).

Students are the reason we are here and their education is our primary responsibility. Therefore we recognize that students of the region are entitled to an opportunity to attend and to be successful in their study and job.

Benefit of Education

Individuals and society benefit from citizens who achieve the full extent of their personal, intellectual, and physical ability; engage in critical and creative thinking; exhibit responsible citizenship; succeed in a competitive global work environment; and participate in lifelong learning.


Excellence in education and student services is vital to develop the full potential of each student.


Accountable headship and service among all faculty, staff, and students are nurtured and encouraged so the college will be a leader for positive change, growth, and transformation in student oriented higher educational practice.

Student Learning Outcomes

Identification and assessment of student learning outcomes promotes and improves student success and the effective use of resources to create innovative and flexible learning opportunities.

Human Resources

For us Faculty and staff members are our most important assets and are entitled to a supportive institutional work environment that recognizes excellence, provides opportunities for professional development, service and leadership, and encourages meaningful involvement in an interest-based decision-making process.