Admissions Open for Bachelor in Education (B.Ed) session 2022-23.
Hostel Facilities

VCMT hostel is just another home for the students. The hostel gives the comfort and feel of being with one's family.
VCMT Hostel is located in Haldwani with a single entry and 24-hour security and safety for all residents.. A student who wishes to complete his studies at a top notch institution needs to pass through a rigorous academic programme. Most students find that they have to work extra hours and stretch themselves fully to benefit from the learning experiences. This requires building a variety of facilities and creating an ambience that is conducive to learning. VCMT hostel facilities are designed to do just that.

Some salient features of the student hostel are:
  • Well-furnished, single and twin sharing accommodation and earth-air cooled hostel rooms, with laundry facility.
  • Each room positioned to provide a beautiful view of the surrounding.
  • Healthy and hygienic dining facility'
  • 24-hour medical facilities for emergencies and ailments at the health centre . Basic medication is taken care of locally.
  • 24-hour 'Reverse Osmosis' purified clean drinking water.
  • 24-hour security with state-of-the-art technology support.