Admissions Open 2018-19 : Bachelor of Computer Application(BCA), Bachelor of Business Administration(BBA) and Bachelor in Education (B.Ed).
Library Facilities

Welcome to VCMT Library. Our library is a knowledge based pool of print and electronic reading material. We have a rich collection of books on the courses offered by the Kumaun University which is being updated on regular intervals. Apart from that books for knowledge enhancement, lifelong learning, preparation for competitive examination also add to the collection. It is our constant endeavour to deliver the best of current knowledge and information. We subscribe to a number of Hindi/English dailies, subject based Journals. General Magazines also form a valuable part of our collection. It serves as a portal from where the readers can access vast amount of information electronically. There is a team of qualified, hardworking and dedicated staff who work in co-ordination with each other to provide quick and timely services to its members. Library, the heart of the Institution, has been striving to accomplish the academic and other objectives of the college. It is a multi sectional, reader friendly, library providing knowledge and information based services. Keeping well in pace with the progressive changes in Information Technology, Library is equipped with Computer and Communication networks connecting computers with Server through LAN.

Computer Lab

IT Lab and Software Engineering Lab are also on network, well equipped with the Synchronous learning technique through which our students are exposed to a real time learning environment. This also gives a fantastic opportunity for industry and academia experts to interact online thus reducing the constraints of time and space.
VCMT Computer Application Lab is Windows and is on the Linux Platform which gives a hands-on exposure to our students on both the operating Systems. All these labs are equipped with latest Software packages . Network Lab is also equipped with wireless Sensor networks nodes, which gives practical insight to the students on the various aspects of Wireless sensor network.
All the computers in these labs are connected through LAN and controlled from the data centre of institute; allowing excellent Internet connectivity at all points.